Dig into God’s word, or you’ll fall for anything.

A Children's Ministry of  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Winter Park

SUNDAY morning 9:00AM

Hey Kids, we're you're home for learning about God's love and good clean fun with your friends. Whether your fresh into diapers or just entering your pre-teen years, you have a home here at Big Dig @ First Baptist Church Winter Park.  Your child will be cared for as though they are our own child.  Little ones mean the world to you and mean the same to us.  Building a Christian foundation, by digging into God’s Word at the Big Dig, starts here in our preschool at First Baptist Church Winter Park.

WEDNESDAY evening 5:45PM

AWANA & Children’s Choir (ages 3 – 5th grade)

Give your kids a break in the middle of the week to refresh and worship Jesus with friends in our Fine Arts program.  At Children’s Choirs and AWANA, your child builds a lasting faith in Jesus and a solid biblical worldview through music, games, and activities. AWANA is a proud tradition that is nationwide. We look forward to meeting you and your children. National AWANA information is available at

Summer Fun Days

July 21 - Science Center
9:00am-3:00pm Ages: K-5  Science Center$10


The Science Center inspires curiosity and exploration for kids of all ages. Bring your friends to our summer fun day for this great educational activity that encourages learning in a fun way. It’s inside and there’s AC too! Cost: $10 per person. Ages:  K-5 (or younger if accompanied by a parent).

Camp Winter Park 2014 - ADVENTURE - July 11-13

If you are in 2nd through 6th grade, you are so lucky. You know why? Because you get to join us for camp this year! Why is camp so cool you ask? Because it's you, and your friends, and some of the craziest games in organized-mass-chaos. Who doesn't like games with shaving cream? After we wear you out outside, we'll eat some food, and give your heart some good food too. Did you get to see the live band last year? They'll be back again to rock out worship to God.

Can't wait to see you there!

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BIG DIG is a Children's Ministry of  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Winter Park